Valence offers unparalleled digital solutions that redefine fan engagement through powerful APIs, bespoke digital tools, and a secure authentication and identity layer.

Build a more enhanced fan experience

Valence helps you build enhanced digital experiences that will leave every fan feeling more connected while giving you deeper insights into fan behavior.

Protect your Intellectual Property

Unlike other Web3 companies that can act as gatekeepers to your intellectual property, Valence gives you complete control and security over your IP.

Proprietary Identity Layer

Mitigate risk for you and your audience through our proven authentication infrastructure, and never lose access to your audience.

Bespoke Fan Wallet

Give your fans an unmatched digital experience that allows them to connect to your brand in new and exciting ways. Reward loyal fans with team tokens, build engaging sponsor promotions, and create more ways for fans to participate in stadium activations.

Artist NFTs

Go beyond merchandise to bring real value to your fans through utility-rich NFTs, allowing you to release music in new ways, create exclusive digital collectibles, and provide token-gated access to events.


Build new bridges with your fans through secure membership programs, loyalty rewards, and collectibles while gaining deeper insights into fan behavior.

Metaverse Watch Parties

Let fans join the party from anywhere in the world! Fans can watch concerts and other live events while connecting with others around the globe.