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Turn moments into lifelong memories that foster deeper engagement between individuals and brands. Valence offers unparalleled digital solutions that redefine consumer engagement through powerful APIs, bespoke digital tools, and a secure authentication and identity layer.

Build a more enhanced member experience

Craft engaging digital experiences for members that will inspire athletes to participate in events, reward them for new achievements, and connect deeper with athletes and their families.

Protect your Intellectual Property

Unlike other Web3 companies who can act as gatekeepers to your intellectual property, Valence gives you full control and security over your IP.

Secure Identity Verification

Mitigate risk for you and your audience through our proven authentication infrastructure, and never lose access to your audience.

Bespoke Fan Wallet

Give your fans an unmatched digital experience that allows them to connect to your brand in new and exciting ways. Reward loyal fans with team tokens, build engaging sponsor promotions, and create more ways for fans to participate in stadium activations.

Digital Collectibles

Capture memories that will last a lifetime. From a framed family photo to a commemorative digital collectible, give fans more ways to capture and share special moments with friends and family. Using our patented 3D printing technology, we can bring exclusive digital items to life for fans.

Token Gating

Build the ultimate VIP experiences for your fans through exclusive clubs, gated access to stadium suites, and exclusive perks secured on our blockchain infrastructure.

In-Game Activations

Create exciting in-game activations for fans through interactive games, shareable moments on the big screen, and sponsored content utilizing the Valence Wallet.

Exclusive Membership

Build exclusive club memberships that give fans VIP treatment. Customize memberships for your fans with experiences like access to events, box seats, meet and greets, and more.

Patented 3D Printed Collectors Items

Go beyond digital collectibles and traditional merchandise with customizable digital items that fans can choose to 3D print for the ultimate collectible experience.