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Valence offers unparalleled digital solutions that redefine consumer engagement through powerful APIs, bespoke digital tools, and a secure authentication and identity layer.

Build a more enhanced member experience

Craft engaging digital experiences for members that will inspire athletes to participate in events, reward them for new achievements, and connect deeper with athletes and their families.

Protect your Intellectual Property

Unlike other Web3 companies who can act as gatekeepers to your intellectual property, Valence gives you full control and security over your IP.

Secure Identity Verification

Mitigate risk for you and your audience through our proven authentication infrastructure, and never lose access to your audience.

Enhanced Athlete Profiles

Build a digital wallet that provides an unmatched experience for your athletes by providing a way for them to track results, receive event invites, display awards, and interact with fans.

Secure Event Data and Qualification

Our blockchain technology provides trust and assurance that athlete and event results are accurate and secure. Verify and authenticate athlete identity, event results, and standings on our secure blockchain while integrating seamlessly with your current systems.

Ticketing and Sponsorships

Build new bridges to fans for your brand and sponsors through secure digital ticketing, loyalty rewards, and collectibles while gaining deeper insights into fan behavior.

Live Event Activations

Upgrade your live events! Host engaging in-person activations, including geo-located collectibles, fan polling, rewards, sponsored promotions, and more.

Digital Collectible Marketplace

Let athletes, fans, and artists create and list exclusive digital collectibles in your custom digital marketplace. Create new revenue streams for athletes and sponsors while promoting collaboration within your sport's ecosystem.

Share - To - Earn

Incentivize and reward fans for participating in and sharing photos with their friends and on social media.