Your Bridge
to Web3

Valence’s suite of gallery solutions builds on existing infrastructure to help redefine collector and audience engagement, leveraging relationships and content in new ways to drive more sales and customer insights.

Secure and Authentic Blockchain Registry

Valence, in partnership with some of the most influential art institutions in the world, provides unparalleled security and authentication for galleries and their artists.

Token-Gated Membership

Bring lasting value to your supporters through a secure and robust membership platform authenticated on our blockchain infrastructure.

Enhanced Audience Engagement

Revolutionize how you connect with your audience through bespoke digital tools that give you more meaningful insight into collector behavior.

Gallery Membership

Build an enhanced membership experience for enthusiasts and collectors through tokenized memberships. Offer exclusive utility for members through NFTs, token-gated access, and limited collector items.

Blockchain Registry

Digital authentication for physical and digital artwork enables a secure, immutable record of provenance and chain of ownership.

Setting NFT Standards

Valence is helping set NFT standards to ensure trust, broaden consumer adoption, and reflect vertical-specific needs.

Mint Factory and NFT Studio

From complete NFT solutions to 3D rendering, printing, and AR activations, Valence helps bring the potential of crypto to the fine art community.

Valence Wallet

Give your collectors and patrons an unmatched digital experience that allows them to connect to your art and artists in new and exciting ways. Reward collectors with access to events, exclusive art drops, and more ways to collect and engage with your art.

Valence Verify

Mitigate risk for you and your audience through our proven authentication infrastructure, and never lose access to your audience.

valence is a founding member of


ArtLedger is a nonprofit consortium working to build rules and open standards for the application of blockchain and cryptography to the Digital, Fine Art, and Collectible space.

The goal of ArtLedger is to improve workflow efficiency, trust, transparency, and accountability while supporting innovation to broaden participation and enhance marketplace liquidity.ArtLedger was founded with the recognition that, to be succesful, new technical approaches must not only add value but be shaped by the broadest range of market participants from creators to auction houses, galleries to financial institutions and more.